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Frequently Asked Questions


Discover exceptional assisted living at Woodview Estates by exploring these commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers. Deepen your understanding of the nuances and intricacies of assisted living and learn more about the wide variety of services and assistance with care needs that we offer.

Q: What is Assisted Living Care?

A: Assisted living care is a distinctive form of residential living that offers support and aid to individuals who may need assistance with the activities of daily living. (ADLs). These encompass an array of everyday tasks, ranging from bathing, dressing, toileting, medication management and much more. The objective of our assisted living facility is to focus on our residents and to provide the best possible individualized support services to meet their everyday needs while fostering as much independence as possible.


Q: Is Assisted Living the Same as a Nursing Home?

A: While both assisted living and nursing homes provide care to individuals who need assistance, they differ in the level of medical care offered. Assisted living is more focused on providing assistance with daily activities, while nursing homes are equipped to offer higher levels of medical care for individuals with more complex health needs.


Q: What is the Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

A: Independent living is tailored for seniors capable of living on their own yet seeking a communal setting. Assisted living on the other hand, goes beyond by providing assistance and support with activities of daily living. (ADL’s) While both choices provide a social atmosphere, assisted living specifically includes aid with activities of daily living. It's important to note that Woodview Estates does not provide any independent senior living options.


Q: What Services are Offered at Woodview Estates Assisted Living?

A: Woodview Estates Assisted Living offers numerous services and amenities that are customized to the individual preferences and service plan needs of the resident. Just a few of the services and amenities offered at Woodview Estates are, restaurant style dining, three delicious meals per day with daily menu selections, medication management, weekly housekeeping and linen services, hair salon services, social and recreational opportunities and much more.


Q: What Health and Wellness Services are Available to Residents?

A: Beyond our desirable and first-rate amenities, we also provide individualized health and wellness programs, pharmacy services, emergency call bell system in each resident’s room, secured special needs unit, access to physicians and nurse practitioners, 24-hour personal care assistance services, and more.


Q: Are Pets Allowed at Rose Hill?

A: Recognizing the benefit of pets in our lives, Woodview Estates has activities that include interaction with pets, however, companion pets for the residents are not permitted. We do on the other hand, encourage pet visits from families and friends. To ensure the safety of all, please contact Woodview Estates for an overview of our pet policy and any relevant restrictions.


Q: Does Woodview Estates Host Special Events for Their Residents?

A: Nurturing a strong sense of community, we plan a diverse array of special events. Please view our Upcoming Events and Info page to learn more information about our fun activities and events aimed at enriching the lives of our residents.


Q: Are All Utilities Covered by the Monthly Fee?

A: For added peace of mind, each resident’s utilities, excluding phone and cable, are covered in one all-inclusive monthly fee.


Q: What Meal Options are Available at Woodview Estates?

A: Woodview Estates Assisted Living I Mays Landing, NJ takes pride in the creation of delicious and nutritious meals with daily menu selections. All meals are prepared on-site offering our residents a restaurant-style, fine dining experience. A certified dietitian oversees the menu planning to ensure nutritional selections.


Q: Does Woodview Estates Offer Temporary Assisted Living Options?

A: In addition to our full-time assisted living option, we offer short term respite stays when the need arises. Respite stays are tailored to you or your family’s needs. These stays offer a sampling of the assisted living experience, help you recuperate and recover from a hospital or rehab stay, or give your caregivers an opportunity to go on vacation.


Q: Does Woodview Estates Offer Transportation Services for Residents?

A: Woodview Estates will assist in arranging transportation or can schedule transportation using the facility van, when possible, to physicians’ appointments. Transportation is provided to the residents for facility planned activities to shopping and outside events.